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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Connecting People to Christ

Small Groups

Get connected in a Small Group...
23rd Psalm
Open to all
Day/Time: Sunday nights 7-9 pm
Location: Changes homes each week
Contact: Janice Doneux 516-1062
Meeting God
Monday Night Women's Group
Day/Time:  Monday, 7:30 pm
Location: Resurrection Ministries
Contact: Carllie Watney  759-7240
Philippians (Young Families Small Group)
Day/Time: Monday 6:30-8:30 pm (potluck dinner 6:30)
Location: David & Erika Cramer's home 121 Mesquite Ct., Brentwood  Kids welcome
Contact:  Erika Cramer 240-9930
Passion Talk
Day/Time:  Tuesday afternoon, 1-3 pm
Location: 1604 Zinfandel Dr., Brentwood
Contact: Sharon Ray 513-2225 or Jeanie Partain 470-3914
30 Life Principles: A study for growing your knowledge and understanding of God ( Women's Small Group)
Day/Time:  Wednesday 7-9pm  ( 7:40- 9 pm during Lent)
Location:  Resurrection Ministries  Turtle Room
Contact: Shaney Engle 516-9031
Day/Time:  Thursday 12:30-2pm
Location: Resurrection Ministries, staff lounge.  Lead by Pastor Phil
Contact: Church Office 634-5180
Christian Beliefs (Men's Recovery Small Group)
Day/Time:  Thursdays 7-8 pm
Location:  23 Fuller Ct., Oakley
Contact: Jim Engle  925-565-9187
The Story of Angels
Day/Time:  Thursday Night 7 pm
Location:  varies
Contact: Debby Kusha 240-8302
Sunday Mornings Adult Bible Study (Sunday School)
9:45-10:30 am
Pastor Phil in Turtle Room Topic:  "Revelation"
Shaney Engle in Staff lounge Topic: "The ABC Promises of God's Word"  
If you have questions about small groups contact:  Small Group Coordinator Shaney Engle  634-5180 ext. 345

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